The website for Zachary Townsend.

I am interested in technology, statistics, civic innovation, finance and financial technology, cities, positive disruption, running, and books.


I support great founders in the financial technology space at Deciens Capital.

I serve on the San Francisco Symphony board.

I have past government experience as the inaugural Chief Data Officer of California and Senior Technology Policy Advisor to Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker. I am a Y Combinator graduate, who built a banking API business called Standard Treasury and sold it to Silicon Valley Bank. I began my work experience as a civic sector consultant at Bennett Midland.


My writing has appeared in Financial Times, Slate, American Banker, San Francisco Chronicle, The Mecury News, San Francisco Examiner, TechCrunch, BankInnovation, and more: I sometimes write on my blog:


Take the first letter of my first name and prepend it to my last name. That's my gmail address.